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Car cleaning broom

73.00 ريال

Car cleaning broom..

Car refrigerator 8 liter DLC

239.00 ريال

Car refrigerator 8 liter DLC: car refrigerator DLC • hat. 8 liters • Maximum cooling performance 20 ° C below ambient temperature. It is heated to +65 ° C by the set thermostat. • Hot / cold, on / off switch. Red / green LEDs indicate warming or cooling. • Not to wear thermal electricity. (Peltier system) • Power consumption 48 watts. • 1.5m AC cab..

Car shaped tissue box masterpiece

52.00 ريال

Car shaped tissue box masterpiece..


Raymond 360car

29.00 ريال 39.00 ريال

Raymond 360 car..

remote control car

49.00 ريال

remote control car• This product should not be connected to the electrical current or touched with the air. This toy is suitable for three years and over and should be used under supervision. The risk of indigestion. Keep the outdoor plastic bag away from children. Do not take any liquids that may be harmful to children. If the battery is worn out,..

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