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Kion Vacuum Cleaner 18 liter 1400 watts

145.00 ريال 190.00 ريال

KEON vacuum cleaner 18 liter 1400 watts: high efficiency and power, tank full indicator TELESCOPIC TUBE Low noise Steel telescopic tube Easy to set Flick feature The tank capacity is 18 liter tu handle for easy carrying Long wire 5 meters SYSTEM 2 with a strength of 1400 watts Multiple filtration system..

Ripon vacuum cleaner 1000 watt 10 liters

199.00 ريال

Ripon vacuum cleaner 1000 watt 10 liters• The product has high efficiency and high power• A special place to store accessories• The blower functionLarge dust capacity: 10 liters  • Multiple filtration system ergonomic carrying handlePower: 1000 watts• Voltage: AC220-240V, Frequency: 50 / 60Hz• Two years guaranteed by the supplied company..

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21-liter barrel broom from the sword 2000 watts

298.00 ريال

• Vacuum cleaner barrel 21 liters from the sword 2000 wattsEquipped with a powerful high-performance motor that pushes air with a high force to suck and blow dust.• Equipped with a large bag to contain dust, with a capacity of 21-18 liters.• Equipped with a high strength dust blowing feature.Four wheels are provided to facilitate movement.• Dust ba..

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Voyager barrel vacuum cleaner 1800 watt

175.00 ريال

Voyager barrel vacuum cleaner 1800 watt• Internal capacity The metal box of the body of the vacuum cleaner is of good durability, it can hold up to 21 liters when fully full.• Seal tight to ensure that the dirt inside the metal vacuum cleaner body does not leak out• 21 liters..

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GVC Pro 1800W

159.00 ريال

GVC Pro 1800W..

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Colin Vacuum Cleaner 21L 1600W from Colin

174.00 ريال

Colin Vacuum Cleaner 21L 1600W from Colin• Colin Vacuum Cleaner 21 Liters 1600 Watt• Equipped with an air expulsion feature, an indicator to measure dust• Equipped with a wire hanger• Power is 1600 watts230 V / 60 H• 4.5 meter long cord• Two years guaranteed by the supplier..

18 liter barrel broom 2000 watts

179.00 ريال

18 liter barrel broom 2000 watts18 liter barrel broom 2000 watt RiponCapacity: 18 liters  Dust fill indicatorPower: 2000 watts220 volts50/60 HzGuaranteed by the supplied company two years..

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Panasonic, vacuum cleaner, 21L, 2300W

656.05 ريال

Panasonic, vacuum cleaner, 21L, 2300Wthe description:The maximum power is 2300 wattsThe capacity of the dust bag is 21 litersThe length of the power cord is 8 metersPlastic stick,Two nozzle steps, HEPA filterAutomatic winding wire..

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Panasonic, vacuum cleaner, 1700W

480.81 ريال

Panasonic, vacuum cleaner, 1700Wthe description:Energy consumption: 1700Package weight: 4 kgTank Capacity: 4 - 6 litersBags / without bags: with bagWired / wireless: wiredBrand: PanasonicType: Carpet CleanersColor: red..

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Hitachi CV940Y-SS220 PG Vacuum Cleaner

541.05 ريال

Hitachi CV940Y-SS220 PG Vacuum CleanerAbout product:Powerful 1600 W motorExtra large 15-liter dust collection capacity with dust indicatorStrong metal structurePlastic tube with an HAZ holderCloth filterSurface storage deviceBlowing feature (push the air out)..

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Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 1900W MC-CG711

539.00 ريال

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 1900W MC-CG711..

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